D.I.Y. Flat Lay Background

Being a blogger comes with the stress of finding the perfect lighting and perfect backdrop to create the perfect flat lay image. This is a perfectionists worst nightmare, colour co-ordinating, correct alignments and angles. With the ultimate question being… does it fit the theme?

This is made a lot easier when you have a set background that you fall back on to give you the perfect images. In my time i’ve tried plenty of different things, wallpaper cut outs, bed sheets, blankets, paper, you name it. They all end up getting creased or ruined or just generally don’t look right.  I’m going to tell you the secret behind my workspace, my flat lay background as seen in these:

I came across this Self-Adhesive Film in Wilko, they had tonnes of different designs but of course I went for grey marble, it only cost £5 and the roll was 67.5cm x 2m [currently on offer for £3 at the time of this blog post going up!].
When I was younger I had a folding table that I used for crafts therefore it was looking a bit worse for wear with paint all over. Since it can be folded it can easily be stored and transported so I can take it to Uni with me if I wanted to take some photos while I’m there or take it outside to find the best lighting.
I can preach about how easy this is but if I’m completely honest I handed it over to my Dad to do because I knew he’d do a much better job than I could avoiding any creases. However it did look extremely do-able!

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I’ve used this table many times since and it’s perfect for creating my flat lays, even if you spill some tea on it, it’s easy to clean and wipe away. I think I’ll eventually get some more self-adhesive film to create a few flat lay backgrounds.

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  1. Loved this. Definitely be popping into Wilko when paid!xx

    1. katielauren says:

      Thank you!x

  2. I simply use free wallpaper samples from b&q but love this for a more permanent type of setup!

    1. katielauren says:

      Yeah definitely! I got fed up of worrying about screwing up my wallpaper and having creased backgrounds😂

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