Social Media Marketer & Content Creator

Since starting my very first blog site 5 years ago, I have been creatively writing for my own blog and for other websites. 

This has grown my experience writing for a variety of audiences and proposes. While obtaining the correct balance between being educational and entertaining (based on the suitable audience and blog content). 

I have written blog posts featuring products for a range of brands/companies, these include: Panasonic, Select Fashion, East Midlands Airport and Thornton’s. 

My experience planning and scheduling social media content has increased profoundly over the last year. 

Developing a marketing strategy that would guide the social media plan across social channels to grow the brand throughout the month. 

As part of my Summer internship I was given he opportunity to research suitable bloggers and Instagram influencers who would make a great connection with the brand.

Applying my own experience and knowledge of influencers and the style of collaborating, I was able to develop an extensive database with suitable influencers. I successfully connected with a number of influencers and the influencer campaigns were successful at increasing the brand awareness across social channels. 

I have since taken on smaller freelance roles researching influencers based on specific brand requirements.

As a micro influencer myself, I have gained experience creating all of my own Instagram, blog and Youtube content. This has developed a great understanding in what content looks great, what is likely to be received well by an audience and more importantly – how to target an audience. 

Katie has been a true star. As our intern Katie has been invaluable. Katie has a very thorough, methodical & logical approach and is extremely capable. She is well versed in how social media platforms work and has supported our business very well in such a short time. Katie has great PC skills (envious) so this has also helped. I would be very happy to employ Katie. She’s capable, motivated and I love her direct approach.

Work Experience

As a student intern I have been gaining valuable experience with a growing skin care brand, building awareness of the brand across social media channels.

This has involved strategically planning and scheduling monthly content, creating content, connecting with influencers and seeing through influencer collaborations.

Taking on the role of a Social Media Assistant at the large Derbyshire-based music festival, I was able to gain further experience of social media marketing within the music industry. 

During my first few days on site (pre-festival) I had a mix of job roles that involved copywriting for the Y Not Mobile App, responding to customer enquiries, organising a press/influencer event and putting together a marketing strategy.

Once the arenas were built, I took last minute ‘teaser’ images for the avid festival goers and continued to collect content once the festival was in full swing. As a member of production, I had access to all areas which meant I could experience the back and side stage buzz before an artist performance and see the crowds get excited.

Being a content creator meant I threw myself into the festival 100% switching between the six music venues and jumping between additional events, in order to get an overview of the whole festival weekend. 

In a bid to further increase my experience within the marketing industry, I have began seekingfreelance work. This enables me to put my acquired skills and knowledge to practice through avariety of job opportunities. This includes: blog writing, copywriting, developing marketingplans, creating content and researching influencers.

Example Work (Social Media)

Example Work (Content Creation)

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