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Cocktails ‘N’ Catchups | Fizzbox Collaboration

The run up to Christmas can be much less stressful if you focus on spending quality time celebrating with friends and family rather than worrying about buying last minute Christmas gifts. Understandably, we lead very busy lifestyles and it can often seem impossible getting everyone involved in a group chat, never mind within the same 5 meter radius long enough to have a catch up. There’s only so many times you can nip round some someone’s house for a cuppa and a mince pie (as nice as that is), why not do something fun… perhaps an event to remember? Thankfully, Fizzbox has ALL the fun.

For me, December means submitting semester one deadlines and coming home from Uni to the comforts of getting fed ‘proper’ meals, having someone else do my washing and most of all, my beloved doggies! It’s also the perfect time to meet up with my friends from home.  It’s just the perfect season to fill each other in on the highs and lows of the last year and have a great time reminiscing on how easy school was in comparison to University.

Usually my friends and I have nights that we like to call  “Cocktails ‘N’ Catch Ups”, which i’m pretty sure is quite self-explanatory. Every time we go out, we always agree on how much fun a cocktail class would be and that we should take part in one. We finally decided this year, we’re fed up of wishing we could and instead that it NEEDS to happen!

This is where FizzBox comes into play, Fizzbox is a new online marketplace that’s a perfect help when organising group events such as the Christmas get-togethers. Alongside year-round hen parties, stag parties, birthday celebrations and even team building exercises, they simply provide a website FULL of crazy activities. These include some popular activities (Afternoon Tea, Paintballing, Wine Tasting and Quad Biking) and some much more, let’s say… quirky activities (Nude Life Drawing, hmm…🤔). Whatever takes your fancy!

Simply search your preferred location and it will filter through all of the super fun events that are local to you. Of course, you can filter these even more by selecting activities that really take your fancy (perhaps a lip sync battle?) and avoid activities that are really, REALLY, not your vibe.

Fizzbox links you directly with the suppliers of the activity, so there’s no need to worry about a third party being involved with your booking. I guess that makes you question, well what is the point in using Fizzbox? I’ve personally found that it so helpful while looking for a Cocktail class because it provides you with multiple local options helping you compare the deals. You can simply enquire through Fizzbox to see if there is an availability for the time and date you’ve managed to secure with your friends

The only downside I have of Fizzbox is that there aren’t a huge amount of reviews for all of the activities just yet, this makes the decision slightly harder for me as I love seeing what other people have to say before I go ahead and book/buy anything. This is only a minor downside and can be easily solved as soon as I become less lazy and look for the reviews myself.

Enjoy celebrating the festivities in style this year!

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  1. I love experiences and activities, I think they are far more valuable than things such as hand bags and makeup. Thanks for sharing this site, it looks awesome. I’m hoping the activities are good and worth the money!

    Laura /

    1. Completely agree, I’ve come to realise this since growing up – it’s more about special memories rather than materialistic items.

  2. hanmwill says:

    oooo, I’ve always wanted to go to a cocktail making class, will have to check out what else Fizzbox has to offer!

    1. They just look like so much fun don’t they?!

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