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Class of COVID-19: What will University life look like post-lockdown?

With the uncertainty of life in general right now, there’s heighten anxiety for those who have worked so hard towards achieving their goal of attending their dream University. But is University life going to be the same?

The short answer is probably going to be no, the University experience will not be the same as previous students’ experiences. Universities are currently in a consultation period deciding whether classes will be online or on campus with social-distancing regulations. Either way, the 2020/2021 academic year will not be conducted with the same freedom as the previous students were able to experience.

University of Cambridge have confirmed Term 1 of studies will be entirely online, while others have plans to form small teaching ‘bubbles’ to abide by social-distancing regulations. Online learning from September will mean students miss out on the opportunity to meet their lecturers and make new friends. Social-distancing will potentially restrict students from attending freshers events, societies, nights out and simply enjoying life in student accommodation.

While the academic aspect of University will be relatively straight forward with online learning implemented towards the end of the last academic year, the social aspect will be massively detrimented. Turning what is meant to be the most exciting 3 years of your life into the most isolated. It’s inevitable the unknown will be making future students feel unsettled.

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As a 2020 graduate, I have felt the University effects of this as I completed my degree. Missing out on the opportunity to say a final goodbye to friends, one-to-one meetings with lectures, physically handing in your dissertation and getting excited to wear a cap and gown. COVID-19 has been tough on students – with very little mention of this impact in any of the daily briefings. These students are the future workforce and have been forgotten about.

Feelings of FOMO (fears of missing out) on the ‘University experience’ shouldn’t affect your decision to attend University in the next academic year. There are ways of adapting your experience by making the best out of a bad situation, Universities and external organisations are working hard to ensure students get the true student experience, from a virtual perspective – until normality can resume.

One of the biggest student events is attending freshers’ fairs, the annual event full of freebies and discounts. Mass events like this are unlikely to happen with COVID-19 concerns, albeit hosted late September/early October. To ensure safety and no feelings of FOMO, Paperclip have developed a virtual freshers’ fair, giving you the benefits of attending a freshers’ fair without having to leave your home. The pack includes huge discounts for UberEats, Ola Cabs, Amazon and loads more alongside opportunities to win a bunch of cash and physical prizes.

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Simply join the waiting list and the FREE Welcome Pack will be delivered straight to your email in late August. You can join the waiting list here, but be quick there’s a limit of only 15,000 packs. Make sure you join before the 20th August to be guaranteed the good stuff!

Despite COVID-19 impacting University life for the 20/21 academic year, the level of commitment Universities are offering remains the same. It is important for students to remain in contact with their first choice University for updates on the approach they are planning to take prior to attending in September. We hold our heads high in the hope this is only temporary. If you get the go-ahead with your University, you might find this ultimate University packing list helpful for moving out!

Disclaimer: This blog post contains an AD in partnership with Paperclip.

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