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    Allowing Your Personal Project To Grow The Wings It Needs

    When we’re filled with the creative and burning passion to craft something new, it can be a difficult time. The feeling of needing to express yourself, develop something or potentially show the best of your creative understanding can feel quite tense, as if you need to let something out into the world but you first need to figure out how. The artist’s medium is in how they bring their ideas to reality, how they express them. A writer might take the fundamental exploration of one idea much more differently than a painter or sculptor, and this will mostly be informed by their particular way of looking at the world, but…

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    Films, Festivities and Fun

    Well, hello December…!🎅🏼 It’s officially time to really kick start the Christmas celebrations and panic gift buying. More importantly, we can listen to Mariah Carey and watch Elf on repeat without getting funny looks for being ‘too eager’, baa humbug. I can confirm that it’s now perfectly acceptable to spend a whole weekend dedicated to pigging out in front of the TV, having a Christmas Movie Marathon. Elf, The Polar Express, Home Alone.. the whole lot! The only way to make this even more perfect is by watching these Christmas classics on a HDR Panasonic TV, the beautifully bright colourful display, will get you singing out for Christmas. The new increased colour space…

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    Cocktails ‘N’ Catchups | Fizzbox Collaboration

    The run up to Christmas can be much less stressful if you focus on spending quality time celebrating with friends and family rather than worrying about buying last minute Christmas gifts. Understandably, we lead very busy lifestyles and it can often seem impossible getting everyone involved in a group chat, never mind within the same 5 meter radius long enough to have a catch up. There’s only so many times you can nip round some someone’s house for a cuppa and a mince pie (as nice as that is), why not do something fun… perhaps an event to remember? Thankfully, Fizzbox has ALL the fun.

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    How To Get Noticed In The Creative Industry

    In the past, creative subjects have received a lot of stick and disregarded as “lazy” subjects, however I find it difficult to think that people aren’t over these assumptions yet, considering the media is involved in every aspect of life, much more than we know. Especially considering thousands of graduates each year are seeking employment within the industry. This makes it increasingly hard to find employment, considering there’s a lot of competition and it is typically based on who has the best work and best experience. If you’re a school leaver or college student who wants to enter the media world no matter what specialist area, you need to start…

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    Perfect Your Party Planning

    Throwing a party can be a pretty stressful prospect. Sure, parties can be a huge amount of fun. After all, you get to spend time with the most important people in your life and relax with good food and good wine. Of course, that’s if you’re a guest. Being the host of a party can be a nightmare of trying to keep everyone happy while worrying about things that can go wrong. Of course, that’s not the way things have to be. The biggest problem that a lot of people have is that, while they want to throw an amazing party, they don’t bother to actually plan it out carefully…

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    Hosting A Bonfire Night In

    Remember, remember the fifth of November… it’s the time of year an unnecessary amount of money gets spent on fireworks. My family and I have never been the type of people to buy and set off our own fireworks, instead we usually go to a local display to see how much money they’ve just blown up with a big bang and a few sparkles. I’ve come up with the perfect bonfire night in to save you being out in the cold getting bounced off stranger to stranger trying to make your way through the crowd to the bonfire to keep warm and spending a fortune on a cheeseburger.