Bewitching Brows For Your Next Selfie: A Step By Step Guide

You may not realise it, but your brows are an essential part of making up your face. I’m not talking about those crazy #Instabrows that look like caterpillars crawled off their leaves and onto your face though. Instead, why not go for a more subtle, but bewitching look. Something you can find more about how to do in the guide below.


The first step is all about shaping those brows, then when you apply colour, they will behave themselves and give you the right look. Of course, there are loads of different ways that you can shape your brows from the traditional plucking and threading to the more extreme waxing. You can even get electric eyebrow trimmers now that make the job super quick as manageable.

Just remember though, that whatever eyebrow hair you get rid of will come back, and once they have been trimmed or plucked they can come through thicker too. To that end, defuzzing with a light touch and never above the brow line, unless you really have to, is a good idea.


The next step is outlining your brows. This is where you draw a larger brow shape over your existing hair. It can be a step that many people get wrong as well, as they try and follow their natural brow line completely.

Instead, it’s better to dare a line with under your brow to where it begins to arch at the brow bone. Then from this spot is where you should start your downward stroke. After that, you can go in and complete the lines on the initial part of your brow at the top, and the last section at the bottom. Although remember to blend those lines and not make them too harsh if you are going for a subtle look.

Remember here too that the size and shape of the brow you draw on can affect your look significantly. In fact, by spacing your eyebrows out moreover the nose, it can make close-set eyes look further apart. Similarly, by emphasising the top of your brow, you can give the impression that there is more space between your brow and eye, something that can make you look as if you have larger eyes or even an eye lift!


Once you have the right shape down, you just need to fill in the brow. This can be done with gel, powder or pencil. In fact, there is plenty of eyebrow makeup for sale now on the market, so experiment with some different products until you find the right one. Your much more likely to get a result that you love that way.

Tidy up

Finally, and the stage that too many people forget is the tidy up. This is where you go in with foundation or concealer and tidy up any mistakes that you may have made with your brows.
You can also use a lightening pencil under the brow to highlight your brow bone too, which can help to open the eye even more. Something that combine with the tips above will give you genuinely bewitching brows for your next selfie!

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  1. wish I had the brows to do this hahahaha teenager of the 90s 🙂 Anna xx (one half of the blog)

  2. Great tips!

    1. Thank you!

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