Bank Holiday Car Boot Bargains

When we think car boot, we think second-hand junk and we’re not wrong.  But we still make a return in the hope to find a gem that could make us millions in a few year’s time. This sunny May Bank Holiday Monday me and my parents went a visit to our local Car Boot Sale, I went expecting to walk away with just sunburnt shoulders, but I actually walked away with a few crazy bargains… we all did!

I am so so impressed with the bargain I managed to get my hands on, I keep telling everyone about it!
My first bargain is this floor lamp, it’s so urban and retro, I love it! Having recently redecorated my bedroom at home with a modern urban black, white and grey vibe I thought it’d look perfect – and it does! For a while I had been awing over decorative vintage lightbulbs so I had it in my mind that i’d swap the bulbs that came with the lamp to the cute vintage lights and to my pleasant surprise, one of the bulbs were already vintage! The best part about all of this is the price… the lamp cost me a grand total of £3, THREE POUNDS!! I still can’t believe it, buying one of these lamps new would cost anywhere between £40 and £150, it’s just insane!
My second bargain is Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume, I’ve loved this perfume for a long while and had some for my birthday a few years back, I’ve used it up since then and because it’s so expensive to buy I i’ve opted for alternative perfumes. However I did  find a perfect dupe for Flowerbomb (I talk all about it in my: Want to smell good for a cheaper price? Expensive perfume duplicates blog post) and have been using that since. I saw this on a stall and had to double look, I wasn’t expecting such an expensive perfume to be on a CAR BOOT SALE (??) it was still in the original cellophane too and had a price label underneath saying the store name and that it was £99. Obviously there’s an issue that perfumes may be fake, and i’m still trying to decide whether this is a fake or not but it definitely smells like the real thing and that’s all that matters! This cost me £12 instead of (potentially) £99 – another bargain!
These are a few of the other bargains my mum got her hands on:

Dish – £1

Vase – £1 / Flowers – 40p

Board – £1

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