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Affordable Travel With National Express

Exploring new places doesn’t always mean booking expensive holidays somewhere exotic (I mean, that does sound FAB) but sometimes a weekend away somewhere in the UK is enough to get you away from the rituals of every-day life, have a break and have a bit of fun! We can all agree, train prices are crazy extortionate aka AVOID AT ALL COSTS, therefore a cheap but luxurious alternative solution is travel with National Express

Ever since I was 16 National Express has been my go-to for transport into London. Reason being…

Train (Nottingham – London) Return£80+
National Express (Nottingham – London) Return£10

*figures based on the same date and time of travel

It’s no secret that I try to be as money savvy as possible and this is one heck of a saving! Not just on this occasion either, National Express offer competitive prices with thousands of tickets for £5 or less (plus booking fee). Also, if you’re a student can get an even cheaper rate with student discount! So why wouldn’t you opt for National Express?

Don’t be put off by the affordability. For the low price tag you might expect to be shafted to London on an old smelly school bus, but you couldn’t be more wrong. National Express coaches offer luxurious transport for a lot cheaper price! All of the coaches are quiet, efficient and comfortable. Not to mention they have all the added extras including: leather seats, air conditioning, USB and plug sockets, free Wifi and an on-board entertainment app, VUER.

Take a look inside the coaches

Last weekend my boyfriend and I took a trip to Leeds for a night away and travelled from Derby with National Express. Our journey was extremely pleasant with the coach arriving on time which meant we avoided waiting in the cold and had plenty of time to explore Leeds and have a stroll around the Christmas Market before date night. Followed by a day of retail therapy and Christmas shopping before getting the coach back in the evening. Such a perfect, cheap getaway!

National Express offers more to see than just London and Leeds as one of the UK’s largest coach operators they serve over 750 locations across the country! Take a look here at some of the locations you could travel to…

Explore destinations

I can’t wait to book my next trip with National Express and I’m super intrigued to try out a cross-seas trip to a European City… watch this space!

Disclaimer: National Express gifted my travel to Leeds, however this has not influenced my opinions on the service.

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