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Add A Lil’ Sparkle To Your Day | Jouellerie Collaboration

Let’s not lie, we all dream of walking around with a beaut shocker of an engagement ring from the Queen’s in blue… Tiffany & Co. Slightly unrealistic considering how highly they’re priced. Maybe we just settle on a return to Tiffany heart bracelet instead.

Just wait until you see what Jouellerie have added to the jewellery market with their game changer items. I’ll tell you now they’re nowhere near as bank breaking as Tiffany, but they have some stunning items on offer for daily jewellery wear and gifts. Jouellerie are a brand new company selling gorgeous discounted jewellery including: bracelets, earrings, necklaces, anklets and rings. They’re gorgeous and they’re cheap. Can it get any better?!

Don’t hate me for mentioning Christmas in September, but I truly believe Jouellerie have got you sorted for Christmas gifts. Since some of the items are so affordable, it’s the perfect way to show someone in your life that you appreciate them. One of my main worries with buying cheap jewellery is that it will break easily and look tacky, neither are ideal. Having worn these bracelets over the last few weeks I have had no issues with the items breaking which is an absolute bonus! Also, there’s no way you would guess that the majority of these bracelets are under £5, the material that has been used and the designs make them look and feel a hell of a lot more expensive than they are. Which is an absolute winner if you’re on a tight budget this Christmas! Jouellerie kindly sent me a range of their bracelets and earrings to try and show off.


Jouellerie have a wide selection of bracelets and bangles available on their website, majority of these are either sliver or gold (rose) with Swarovski elements. If you have a special night out and you are looking for the perfect accessory to finish your look I definitely think the bracelets on Jouellerie could be perfect. You don’t have to worry about losing or breaking your super expensive bracelet because they’re not, you can easily replace it, but best of all they still look stunning!

Alongside the bracelets that I am showing you there’s an adorable gift selection of bracelets that highlight special occasions such as birthdays, valentines, weddings and new baby.


  • Arabella Two Piece Set Silver (Was: £17.99 | Now: £3.99

This gorgeous infinity bracelet comes with a matching set of 3mm Solitaire Earrings made with Swarovski elements.

  • Trinity Bangle and Earring Set Silver (Was: £17.99 | Now: £4.99)

Stunning 6cm bangle made with Swarovski elements alongside matching 3mm earrings.

  • Aeliana Bracelet Silver (Was: £25.99 | Now: £6.99)

This 6.5cm bracelet with 114 crystals.


  • Artemis Bracelet Rose (Was: £19.99 | Now: £3.99)

Rose gold 7cm magnetic clasp bracelet made with Swarovski elements.


  • Crown Earrings Sliver (Was: £19.99, Now: £2.99)

6mm round crown detail earrings available in gold or silver.

If you’ve got somebody in mind while you’re reading this post who you think would love some stunning jewellery, what are you waiting for?! Scout out the website and find something they would love. You can find Jouellerie on the following social links to get updated with any of their other sparkly items: Twitter: @Jouellerie, Instagram: @Jouellerie.

Disclaimer: Although these items were sent to me in exchange for a review, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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