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A Submerged Generation

We lay in bed and scroll, we sit on the sofa and scroll, we sit on our lunch break and scroll. But why? What are we looking for? Are we even looking for anything? Is it just a habit?

Majority of the time we don’t have a purpose to scroll. We don’t even take in everything we scroll through. We scroll until a word jumps out at us. We scroll instead of putting the phone down to sleep. We scroll incase something will appear, or in the hope something will appear. We scroll so we don’t miss something.
We scroll on every site, at any time of day. Hoping there’s something that’ll interest us. Once we’ve read what took our interest, what do we do? We scroll on. Life passes us by so quickly while we’re busy scrolling.
We scroll to pass time. What do we do when we’re left alone in a bar/restaurant? While our friends use the rest room? While we’re stood waiting for the bus?, When we want to avoid eye contact with each other? We pick out our companion and scroll. It’s as though it’s a comfort mechanism, escaping us from “awkward situations” in the real world. We’re becoming a submerged generation who do anything to avoid confronting situations.
When we’re spending time with family… we scroll. When we’re in the company of other people… we scroll… they scroll. What about when we’re with the pre-scroll generation? We scroll, and we isolate them.
But what do we do to stop this? We scroll the internet looking for resolutions.
We’re a generation addicted to scrolling.
If you’re interested in reading about how many miles you’ll scroll, head over to Leo Quin’s Blog.
This is a bit of a different blog post for me, these were some of the thoughts that came to my head as I was trying to sleep so I decided to jot them down and see if they made any sense in the morning. As guilty as I am as a scroller, it’s crazy to step back and see what world we’re living in now that we have social media at the tip of our fingers. If you’d be interested in more blogs on this side of the ‘media’, let me know as I’m super interested by this.

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