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A Feast Fit For A Puppy | Hill’s Science Plan Review

A slight twist on my usual posts, but my crazy puppies are a huge part of my life and I’d love to share this with you. In March we welcomed two beautiful poodle pups (sisters) into our family. They are now 6 months old and absolutely crazy, full of life, love, fun and fluff. Meet Daisy (green collar) and Tilly (pink collar).

Since the age of 9 weeks, they’ve been eating Hill’s Science Plan Puppy Healthy Development food, as recommended by our vets. To begin with we mixed the kibble with warm water as this helped with the digestion and ease of eating at such a young age. Hill’s is known for being a brand that is good for being gentle to puppy tummies.

As they got older, we reduced the amount of water until they were eating the food dry. This was highly advantageous during the dreaded teething stage as it meant they had more to chew on, rather than table legs and anything they shouldn’t have! 

Daisy & Tilly have learnt the sound of the bag rattling and know exactly what it is they’re getting, and they’re bouncing off the walls with excitement (as any crazy pup would!). At the end of feeding, 99% of the time the bowls are licked clean with nothing to spare. Recommended serving portions can be found on the back of the packaging and /or online for guidance which correlates with age. 

The puppy food ranges from 2-12 months and based on the size of the dog, therefore my miniature (borderline standard) pups are on the medium food, and it suits them perfectly. Available flavours include Chicken or Lamb, chicken is Daisy & Tilly’s favourite, however we do sometime mix it up so they don’t get bored of the same flavour. 

Alongside providing your pup with the perfect meal, the Hill’s kibble is the perfect size and tasty enough to be used as treats/bribery during training. Even our 13-year-old poodle who is a super fussy eater enjoys tucking into the food when she can get the chance!

Albeit Hill’s being one of the pricier dog food ranges, it is money-worthy due to the added health benefits. Specially formulated to support immunity and mobility, with clinically proven antioxidants and DHA from fish oil. 

Key Benefits

  • Clinically proven antioxidants for a healthy immune system.
  • With omega-3 and optimal mineral levels for mobility and skeletal development.
  • High quality ingredients for gentle, healthy digestion and great taste. 

Our pups are growing well and gaining weight steadily, praised for their healthiness at vet check-ups and puppy classes. Our gorgeous pups have beautiful poodle coats that are super silky and soft which attracts a lot of attention while they’re out on the park. Another huge positive is that the food doesn’t cause smelly breath so you’re safe from smelly doggy kisses. 

Unless there are any required dietary changes within the next 6 months Daisy & Tilly will be switched onto the Hill’s Science Plan Canine Adult as it’s the perfect step up for them without too much dietary change causing upset. 

Ultimately, my family and I (dogs included) could not fault Hill’s Science Plan and would highly recommend this to anyone.

*Disclaimer: This food was kindly gifted to me, however has not influenced any thoughts or opinions I have shared in this post.

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  1. Daisy and Tilly are absolutely adorable! Great review as well😊

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