A Contemporary Twist On Traditional Media

With the rise of social media we’re disregarding traditional media. Rather than reading a book before we sleep, we read social media. Rather than talking about books to our friends, we talk about the latest Facebook gossip. Brandon Lawson has cleverly combined contemporary and traditional media into one book of poetry ‘Hashtag This’.

What is Hashtag This?
‘Hashtag This’ is a poetry book based on Twitter trends. With 15 hashtag poems, formed from actual trending tweets including some of the following #LoveYourPetDay, #TwitterLockOut and #YouTubeTaughtMe. Each poem relates to the hashtags which are based on universal issues, creating a connection with people across the world.  Brandon is the first to publish a book of this kind and has included some of his extra poems unrelated to the hashtags.
What do I think?
I’ll admit that i’m not someone that reads often, I usually only find myself reading while I’m on a beachy holiday. I love the fact this poetry book is not overly lengthy and the poems themselves are typically a page long which makes for a great quick read. As for the actual content of the poetry, I find it incredibly clever how Brandon has managed to intertwine the use of twitter with his poetry. They’re super easy to understand and have a clear narrative which adds to being an easier read, as most poetry I have read before takes a lot of analysing in order to understand. Here has to be my favourite poem from the book:
Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 14.50.45
You can purchase the book here: 

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