A Beginners Guide To Starting Your Own Business

Always dreamed of building your own business? Creating and selling your own products and being your own boss? What are you waiting for? This is the ultimate beginners guide to creating your own business. 

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Determine your product / unique selling point

Realistically, this is the hardest part. Once you’ve spent some hard dedicated time figuring out what kind of products you’d like to sell, it’s pretty straight forward. If you’ve not had a super product idea hidden away on a notes page from 2014 then you’ll need to start your research and brainstorming process. The product you’re selling should ALWAYS be something you are passionate about, this enables you to live and breath this product without getting sick of it. 

Interested in fashion? Try handmade jewellery. Art? Use your art to create some greeting cards. Wood work? Create bespoke doorstops.

The world is your oyster! However, it’s important to ensure your product is unique. Your brand requires originality to utilise your product unique selling point to promote your brand. 

Develop your branding 

Once you’ve got your product sorted, you need to create an accompanying brand that reflects your first product and the future products you intend to develop. This involves creating a unique name for your brand and unique branding, there are plenty of name generators and logo builders available online to support this. However, it’s fun to get creative and try it yourself, it’ll be more unique and personal that way. Try to get some meaning behind your brand name and colour scheme, this provides more of a story to tell your customers.

Find a suitable e-commerce platform

You now need to decide on a suitable platform for you to sell your products. There are lots of e-commerce sites available including some of these most popular sites: Etsy, Facebook Market Place, Ebay or Depop. Alternatively depending on your skillset you can develop your own e-commerce website on GoDaddy or WordPress.

Purchase some packaging boxes

Packaging can be just as important as the product itself. This is the first impression a customers receives of your brand. Ensure you prefect this. Think about the environmental friendly aspects of packing, this is important for customers. You can utilise your sustainable packaging as a great promotion point. A fantastic website to order eco-friendly packaging boxes from is Lil Packaging.

A fantastic website to order eco-friendly packaging boxes from is Lil Packaging.
A fantastic website to order eco-friendly packaging boxes from is Lil Packaging.

Brand the packaging as much as possible, this could be brand coloured packaging or simply using a sticker on the outer packaging with your business logo on. As a small start out business it’s a great idea to be personal with your packaging, include a handwritten thank you note to your buyer, to build your customer relationship.

Get social

Create accompanying social media channels to promote your business. While it’s not necessary for you to be present on all social media platforms, it’s great to identify which platforms are necessary for your brand. Being present on social media is so important for sharing your products further afield, if done correctly social media will be the main source of traffic to your selling page.

For support promoting your brand on social media, I provide social media marketing tips and 1-to-1 consultations on Instagram.

Spread the word

Get traditional with your marketing strategy, take advantage of word of mouth marketing. Tell your friends and family all about your new brand, make sure they know the name of your brand and how to access the selling page. It’s likely that they’ll share your brand with their friends and family and before you know it everybody is aware of your brand. Supportive friends and family will be super fans of your brand, take advantage of this! They love the VIP factor of knowing a brand owner and hearing about all the being the scenes processes.

Celebrate your first purchase

After all your hard work perfecting your product and brand, it’s finally time to launch your brand and wait for that email to come through informing you of the first person to make a purchase from your store! When that email comes through, CELEBRATE! You did it. It’s not easy crafting products people are willing to pay money for. Take the time to have a little celebration dance, tell your relatives and then get straight onto packaging your product using your eco-friendly packaging and send it out to your happy customer. Then repeat the process for the second purchase, third, fourth, fifth and eventually you won’t have time to dance because so many people are wanting your products!

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