50 Happy Little Things

The lack of blog posts from me recently has been shocking, I know. I’m not entirely sure why but I’ve been lacking motivation to ‘just write’. Then what I do write feels very ‘samey’ which is one of the most frustrating things as a content creator wanting to publish new content, multiple times each week. After an unexpected last minute holiday that I won (there will be a blog post on this don’t worry!!), I’m hoping to finally get back on track… until I jet off again in a weeks’ time!

For the mean time I decided to ease myself back into the swing of things again by sharing something that I’ve seen a lot of bloggers post recently and I’ve loved reading! This involves sharing a list of things that make me happy, 50 things to be precise. I’m a lover of lists and a lover of many many other things so this sounds like a perfect blog post idea to me! Not only this but I feel like it’s the perfect way for you to get to know me a little bit more! I’ll put this disclaimer in here: there is no order to this list AT ALL, it was a case of what came into my head at the time so you can really see how juggled up my brain is😂.

1. Sunsets

2. 90’s and 00’s music

3. Concerts

4. Puppies

5. My dogs

6. Pizza

7. Flying/Being in the sky

8. Skylines

9. Strawberries

10. Cocktails

11. My friends

12. My family

13. Smell of freshly cut grass

14. My bed

15. Travelling

16. Super warm weather

17. Swimming pools (somewhere hot)

18. Mac Lipsticks

19. New Make up

20. Watching Netflix

21. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

22. Wetherspoons breakfast

23. Wetherspoons pitchers (Blue Lagoon, purple rain😍)

24. Personalised gifts

25. Cadbury’s Snowballs

26. Black skinny jeans

27. Fresh haircut & dye

28. Mozzarella

29. Watching YouTube

30. Getting deliveries

31. Pay Day

32. My rabbits

33. New clothes

34. Booking holidays

35. Fresh sheets

36. Warm showers

37. The smell of dinner cooking

38. Popping bubble wrap

39. Afternoon Tea

40. Going out for food

41. Cookie Dough

42. My phone being on 100% charge

43. Knowing what to wear

44. A good make up & hair day

45. Creating content I’m proud of

46. Making other people proud

47. Buying people gifts

48. Clearing out

49. Baking

50. Going to the cinema


So there you have it, 50 things that make me happy. Obviously there is more to life than these 50 things and there are some things I listed that are such first world levels of ‘happiness’ such as having 100% charge. But ultimately happiness isn’t determined by these things, they only add to our level of happiness. Having the best family, friends, home life, job/ carer etc. is the root of happiness. I’m going to end this post before I start boring you by blabbering on about measuring levels of happiness haha.

Do any of these things I listed make you happy too? (Chocolate has to on there, surely?!)

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  1. Awww Wetherspoons pitchers, that’s a throwback! I’m so glad you said both of those flavours though, HANDS DOWN the best! 💙💜

    1. admin says:

      I’m glad you agree!!

  2. Such a good list! The photo of your adorable rabbits is making me happy right now! 😍

    1. Aw! So glad x

  3. I love this! Sometimes it’s just the small things that make a difference isn’t it 🙂

    1. Yes definitely, 100% is!

  4. abbiejadewanders says:

    Cute list. I loved writing mine, it was surprisingly easy to think of the 50 things too 🙂

    1. Once I started listing things the rest just flew out haha

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