3 Things To Do When Lockdown Is Lifted

Flights are cancelled but you can always have a staycation. When the lockdown is lifted you may be fresh out of ideas for how you should spend your time off from normal life. There are some destinations you could visit that will make the lost opportunity of going abroad, taste a little less bitter. One thing many first-time road-trippers overlook is the long journey from location to location. When you don’t have portable entertainment, your fellow passengers are going to be trying your patience after a while. The last thing you need is a falling out with your friends, while stuck in a car together. On-the-road snacks and refreshments should be coupled with toys and technology.

Visit Hidden Beaches

Why go to the beaches that are crowded and noisy, when you could slip away to less well-known sands instead? Just beneath the cliff top of the Minack Theater, lies one of the best beaches that is hidden away from the masses. Porthcurno near Land’s End in Cornwall, is popular among the locals because of it’s soft and very refined sand. It’s also a very quiet place as the tide doesn’t bring any waves that would disturb your nap and sunbathing session.

Who says the UK doesn’t have iconic beaches? The Blackpool Sands would have you mistaken that you were in Italy or Greece. A large swooping beach, with incredibly beautiful golden sand and with plenty of space to roam, this is a little slice of heaven post-lockdown.

Day Trip – Never be stuck!

Take a day trip somewhere new, explore UK beauty spots, near and far. You can often put a lot of miles on your car while on a road trip. It could be hundreds if not thousands, depending on what kind of journey you’re taking. Having comprehensive coverage so you are never left by the roadside, should you car run into troubles, will prevent a lot of tears. Have a car that is likely to be unreliable? These Used Vauxhall cars come with the Network Q approval. This means you automatically get a 1-year warranty, 1-year roadside assistance, access to multi-point check, free accident management and membership of the service club, to name a few things. This gives you a range of options should you need maintenance of your car of help while stuck on the hard shoulder. You can prevent your road trip from ending prematurely with this kind of broad-scale coverage package.

Watch a live show

After this lockdown is over, one of the things you’ll want to experience again, is the buzz of a live show. Go to the Albert Hall for one of the autumn concerts, usually when Bach and Beethoven are being played. You should also head to Warwickhshire to witness the productions in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, or even stay local at your nearest theatre – an excuse to dress up and have a fun night out! Summer vibe dance parties and outdoor cinemas will become the go-to places to release all that lockdown energy. 

Once this blows over, we need to seriously take the time to be selfish and enjoy life. Don’t cancel your summer holidays entirely, just make a few changes and enjoy staycations and day trips… until we can travel again!

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