21 Things I’ve Learnt In 21 Years

Life is a journey and I’m celebrating my 21st year on this crazy journey. I am thankful for all the life experiences I have encountered thus far and find it difficult to believe I am just over two decades old (but still look, and occasionally act approximately 16 years old)!

As a reflection of my 21 wholesome years on this earth, here are 21 things that I have learnt:

  1. Dogs are hands down the best animal. My dogs past and present have always been my best friends (maybe unwillingly), but they are such a comfort creature and they’re incredible.
  2. The world is meant to be travelled. There are so many beautiful creations around the world, and they’re there for a reason and it’s a good enough reason for me to want to see them all.
  3. Everything happens for a reason. As clich√© as it is, I truly believe this, it’s only when things actually happen do you begin to believe that things do actually have a reason behind them.
  4. It’s okay to fail. Growing up it’s always seemed like such a bad thing to fail your exams, get rejected from a university or a job application. But what’s meant to be will be, at the end of the day there’s always a positive outcome.
  5. I’m not actually going to have my life together in my twenties. Growing up it’s easy to tell yourself you want to be married and moved out by the age of 20 and have had all your children by the age of 27. I’ve definitely learnt life is not quite like that, as has many other people I know in their twenties.
  6. Nostalgia is a thing. Being a nineties baby, I feel young but retro! There are so many things that I often look back on like ‘omg I remember that…’ and it was only 17 years ago!
  7. Your parent’s are usually right. Having waved goodbye to the stubborn miss independent teenage years, it’s now acceptable to admit that 99% of the time your parents are always right.
  8. It’s important to put yourself first. Often trying hard to please other people only breaks down your own happiness and effort that you put into yourself.
  9. Social media is the best and the worst all at the same time.
  10. Gin and cocktails are incredible. As a feeble 18 year old peach schnapps was the business, but as I’ve matured, so have my alcoholic preferences and now gin is THE REAL BUSINESS.
  11. I’m not sure I will ever outgrow playing The Sims.
  12. Sometimes life gets in the way and that’s okay. A lot of your early twenties is about figuring life out and developing your own career path. Therefore, it’s easy for life to get in the way of things. But it’s important to remember, your friends are also going through the same thing so as and when you can, make time for a quick catch up.
  13. I have never and probably will never be able to complete a Rubix Cube.
  14. Support is everything. Having friends and family around you that support every step you take and celebrate your successes with you are so important.
  15. Be grateful.
  16. Enjoy living in the moment. Every moment lived is a moment you won’t get back, so it’s important to make the most and appreciate every moment, I love the quote “you’re older today than yesterday, but younger than tomorrow”.
  17. The blue lagoon in Iceland is as dreamy as I always though it would be.
  18. In order to be successful, you need to put work into it. Success isn’t just handed to you, in order to be successful you need to do everything possible to build your level of success.
  19. Cookie Dough is an elite food. Say no more.
  20. Growing up is expensive.
  21. You can’t predict the future. As much as you say you’ll never do something or that you’ll definitely do something, it’s not inevitable. It’s great to have a plan in life, but don’t get disappointed if the plans change.

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