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    Netflix Is Bringing It Back

    It seems Netflix are pulling it out the bag and we better get MSN messaging our gal pals, stocking up the snacks and setting up the sofas and blankets because we have a whole host of new chick flicks to laugh, cry and fantasise over. We’ve gone from the days of matchmaking in Clueless and summer romances in The Notebook to high school drama and unscripted love in The Kissing Booth. Within the last few months we’ve been blessed with some incredible Netflix originals that fall perfectly in line with the chick flick category. What more could we ask for?! Perhaps some Noah Centineo screen time? Well you bet we…

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    Easily Avoid Contactless Fraud

    The other week I watched a Facebook video showing an example of contactless card fraud and it panicked me. A guy used a wireless card reader and placed it near the back pocket of a customer browsing the store, since his wallet was in his pocket the card reader was close enough to notice the pending transaction and complete payment, worrying right?! It’s extremely shocking how easily accessible contactless cards are, it’s like we’re asking to be scammed. So when I was offered a Mortar-X RFID/NFC Blocking Card I jumped at the opportunity, before I even knew truly how it worked.